Robin Jessome's
Blunt Object

Blunt Object is a Toronto-based 11-piece jazz ensemble performing energetic, creative music; balancing unique improvisors with quirky and compelling arrangements. Featuring the music of Carla Bley, the ensemble presents engaging music with a refreshing sense of humour.

  • Chelsea McBride (saxophone) 
  • Ben Dietschi (saxophone)
  • Gordon Hyland (saxophone) 
  • Jesse Malone (trumpet)
  • Tara Kannangara (trumpet) 
  • Robin Jessome (trombone)
  • Heather Saumer (trombone)
  • Josh Bird (tuba)
  • Tania Gill (piano)
  • Tom Altobelli (bass)
  • Robin Claxton (drums) 


Recent shows:

April 1, 2021
at The Jazz Room (59 King St N, Waterloo)

“One feels like they have been hit with [a blunt object]…but in a really good jazz way.” (Moreen Murray)